Tasteful Selections Potatoes, Bite-Size, Honey Gold 24 oz

See back panel for pairing idea shown here. US No. 1 (3/4 inches min:). Perfectly steams in bag! 8 minutes. Field to fork fresh in every bite! Est. 2010. 3-Bite consistency for even cooking. From our family to yours. As a family with a love for growing potatoes, we want to share with you our special bite-size potatoes. We understand how busy life can be and the importance of having healthy, flavorful meals. Bringing family together around the dinner table is what we’re all about. That’s why we have worked hard to come up with a bite-size potato that we are proud to share with you and your family. Our potatoes are versatile, cook fast, taste great and will transform your everyday meals from ordinary to extraordinary. The Bender family. If you love honey gold bite-size potatoes, we promise you’ll love our other Tasteful Selections varieties. Mix and match varieties in our recipes, or create your own! We want you to be inspired to explore all the possibilities our bite-size potatoes offer your family.