Suavitel Fabric Conditioner, Morning Sun, Sheets 70 ea

Suavitel Complete Morning Sun Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets have superior technology* that reduces static and wrinkles, and provides Fast Dry benefits** – all while delivering irresistible softening and freshness that you and your family will love. Try placing them in dresser drawers, closets, suitcases, gym bags – even in your car – to keep the feeling of warm summer sunshine with you wherever you go. And for even better laundry results, pair Suavitel Complete Morning Sun Dryer Sheets with Suavitel Complete Morning Sun Liquid Fabric Conditioner, which helps keep clothes looking newer longer**! *Provides Fast Dry benefit vs. Suavitel Regular Dryer Sheets **After 5 washes; tested on cotton and cotton polyester fabric; vs. detergent alone 50 Years of Loving Softness, Freshness & Care For decades, people have chosen Suavitel for the way it makes their laundry smell and feel - but also for how it makes them feel at home. Suavitel is more than just the sum of its parts: it’s unconditional love, bottled. Today, our fabric conditioners are accessible and affordable, responsibly made,* and are safe for all washing machines. As a brand, we care about more than your clothes - we are committed to helping you care for what you love most and helping you give your family a loving touch that lasts. *To learn more, visit