Star Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, Robust 750 Ml

Hearty, more intense olive flavor. Non GMO Project verified. Since 1898. 22 international awards. Top 5% of harvest in each bottle. Olive oil experts. Olive oil is one of the pillars of a healthy diet. Consuming 2 tbsp of olive oil daily may reduce your risk of heart disease. Olive oil naturally contains monounsaturated fats which promote HDL (good cholesterol) while lowering LDL (bad cholesterol). Star is a long standing member of the NAOOA. Olive oils bearing the NAOOA seal have been tested to meet or exceed the international Olive Council worldwide olive oil industry standards for quality and authenticity. Produced with pride and tradition, Star is committed to providing high quality olive oils. Controlling the whole process, Star ensures oil is 100% olive oil.