Sparkle Paper Towels, Double Rolls 10 ea

10 double rolls = 20 regular rolls (based on a Sparkle regular roll with 55 sheets). Make the bright choice. Choosing Sparkle paper towels? Bright move! Sparkle Paper Towels with thirst pockets gives you exactly what you need - an affordable, two-ply paper towel that can handle your everyday messes and won't clean out your wallet! You rock, we roll (literally!). You just picked me up! Pick-A-Size: Modern white / Spirited prints. Our towels are 100% backyard compostable. Oh hey! Did you know? One tree is regrown for every tree used. Sparkle Paper Towels are backyard and commercially compostable (facilities may not exist in your area). To learn more go to Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified sourcing.