Simp Done Steel Wool Pads

Caked-on casserole - see ya! Greasy grills - goodbye! From cookware to cars and outdoor tools, be ready to scrub, scour and wipe away life's messes with high quality, affordable soap pads from Simply Done. Use on: Simply Done Soap Pads clean and shine: Broilers Pots & Pans Ovens & Stove Burners Barbecue Grills Golf Clubs Lawn Furniture Car Tires Tools Chrome Bumpers and More quality guarantee If you are not 100% satisfied, return our product for a full refund. Scan here for more information GMTA0419 100% RECYCLED PAPERBOARD MINIMUM 35% POST-CONSUMER. Do NOT use on non-stick cookware or china. Simply Done Soap Pads are not recommended for glassware, plasticware, porcelain or highly polished surfaces. Test a small area in an inconspicuous spot to determine whether the surface will scratch. ©TOPCO