Scoop Away™ Low-Track Clumping Cat Litter, Fresh Spring Air Scent, 12.6 Pounds

Scoop Away™ Low-Track Clumping Cat Litter is designed to reduce dust and litter from leaving the litter box, ensuring your home stays fresh and clean around the clock. Through a new and improved formula our litter provides dust-free scooping and minimizes the amount of litter that gets trapped in cat’s paws. Our litter also provides superior odor control with a Fresh Spring Air scent, guaranteed to control odors for 7 days. Hard and tight clumps prevent stinky crumbles from being left behind, making maintenance and clean up a breeze. Designed with your home and cat’s health in mind, dust-free scooping means no more breathing in clouds of dust while cleaning the box. Leave your home, air and floor cleaner with the clean fresh scent of Scoop Away® Low-Track Cat Litter.