REESE'S Milk Chocolate King Size Peanut Butter Footballs, Candy Pack, 2.4 oz

Get ready for the big football game with REESE'S milk chocolate peanut butter football candy in a king size pack! Whether you're outside on the bleachers watching a game or seated on your comfy couch ready to watch your favorite team make it through playoffs, REESE'S candies are the perfect treat. Pour them in your candy bowl, keep some in your purse or put the whole king size pack in the freezer for a refreshing treat. Nothing beats a scrumptious bite of creamy peanut butter covered in rich milk chocolate as you cheer on your team. These football-shaped REESE'S milk chocolate peanut butter treats are also fun to use in the kitchen. Create edible football crafts and get the kids involved to make the pre-game festivities even more fun. Use these treats to top your favorite recipes like cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Include them in your selection of ice cream sundae toppings for a tasty treat that will please the whole crowd. Pass football-shaped chocolate candies around to anyone watching the game with you and remember to keep a few for yourself. Stock your pantry and freezer with these treats to make sure you never run out of peanut butter goodness during football season.