Collard Cello

Premium products fresh from the farm. American Heart Association - Meets American Heart Association criteria for saturated fat and cholesterol for healthy people over age 2. Same farm fresh look - Rawl brand! High in folic acid; vitamin K. Triple washed; cook & serve. No preservatives. Our History: Nature's Greens is a family farm tradition at Walter P. Rawl & Sons that dates back to January 25, 1925. That's when Walter and Ernestine Rawl celebrated their wedding day by planting cabbage as the first vegetable on their new farm. Although Walter P. Rawl & Sons has since grown to become a vertically integrated operation, our commitment to quality, food safety and the environment remains unchanged. In fact, some of our sustainable agricultural practices include planting wildflower habitats for beneficial insects, utilizing cover crops for enhanced natural fertilization and recycling water, energy and other natural resources. You can trust Nature's Greens and Walter P. Rawl & Sons to provide your family with safe, wholesome and nutritious vegetables. From the seed to your table, our premium products were grown just for you. Walter. P. Rawl & Sons - our business is growing. No preservatives. Product of USA.