Pretzel Pete Pretzel Nuggets, Gourmet, Sour Cream & Habanero Seasoned, Spicy-Hot!

All-natural sourdough pretzel nuggets packing a hint of sour cream and a wallop of habanero. The Pretzel Pete difference. Wide split in nugget allows seasoning to soak deep down into the nugget. Flakes of parsley provide a subtle accent. Mouth-watering sour cream and eye-watering habanero blended perfectly together. Sourdough Pretzel enhances flavor and provides a softer bite. (Easy on teeth!) So where can I buy them? At Pretzel Pete, we hear that question every single day from people who receive our pretzels as a gift or try them at parties and gatherings. It seems that they are so thrilled to discover our mouthwatering nuggets, they've just got to call or email us to find out where they can buy more. Now that's flattering but it really doesn't come as a surprise. You see at SB Global Foods, we're pretzel nugget fanatics, totally dedicated to making the world's tastiest gourmet pretzel nuggets. We're a family-owned company and historically, our pretzels have only been available to you through gourmet food shops, the best delicatessens, specialty grocery stores and online. Since we don't have the resources of the big national snack companies, our pretzels can sometimes be a little hard to find. So if you can't find Pretzel Pete Brand Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets at your favorite store, make sure to ask the manager to carry them. Thank you! Pretzel Pete.