Zone Perfect Bars, Keto, Peanut Butter Pie 5 Ea

Natural flavor with other natural flavor. No artificial flavors or colors. 3 g net carbs (Net carbs = total carbs - fiber - sugar alcohols (Glycerin, erthritol) - allulose). 1 g sugars. 8 g protein. 14 g fat. No gluten. Keto (Designed to support your keto lifestyle). See nutrition information for total and saturated fat content. Made with MCTs. No artificial sweeteners. We believe nutrition can change your life! To make it simple, we've gone back to the basic building blocks of nutrition. Macros. Carbs, protein and fat designed to fit your lifestyle. However you choose to reach your nutrition goals, ZonePerfect is here to help you live your best life. Allulose is a rare sugar that is not metabolized by the body so it does not impact blood sugar and provides minimal calories. Great taste guarantee! If you don't agree, just mail in the UPC code from your ZonePerfect packaging, original receipt and your name/address within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Refund not to exceed normal retail price. U.S. Purchases only. Limit one refund per household. Additional restrictions apply. Visit or call 1-800-986-8732 for complete details. Void where prohibited. Looking for more products and tools to helpe you rock your keto lifestyle? Visit for meal plans, nutrition advice and more! To learn more about ZonePerfect products, call us at 1-800-666-6830 or visit