Sour Patch Kids Candy, Soft & Chewy 8 oz

SOUR PATCH KIDS Original Soft & Chewy Candy packs all the classic flavor into a mischief-filled soft candy. Each fruit flavored candy contains red candy, along with blue, orange, yellow and green candy in signature assorted fruit flavors that create a SOUR THEN SWEET treat to satisfy your taste buds. Add a little fun to your candy experience with the unique kid shapes that give these candies their name. A fat free food, this sour treat is great for multiple occasions. Enjoy this candy whenever you want a SOUR THEN SWEET treat by keeping a package on-hand for quick snacks or as party favors for Halloween, Valentine's Day or birthdays. SOUR PATCH KIDS soft candy also makes a great movie theater candy to snack on during your favorite flick. A fun alternative to boxed candy, this bag of candy is the perfect size for stashing in purses, backpacks and lunchboxes. Stay stocked with sour candies so you're always ready for a snack.