Good & Plenty Candy, Licorice 6 Oz

If you're looking for an old-fashioned treat that never goes out of style, you can't get more retro than GOOD & PLENTY licorice candy. With playful pink and white candy coatings, these oh-so-delicious licorice candies are a classic choice, and they're a fat-free candy. Grab a handful of old-fashioned GOOD & PLENTY licorice movie candy for you and a fellow movie buff. Create a fun at-home movie experience with all the right snacks, including these chewy delights. Nothing makes an adventure, romance or comedy better than having a bag of popcorn and some boxed candy by your side. You can't go wrong, whether you need a pick-me-up at work or want a treat over the weekend. Better yet, spruce up your cupcakes and other desserts. GOOD & PLENTY candies add a fun twist to top off your baked goods. Grab a few packs to put in a homemade candy gift basket or pour the licorice sweet snacks into your candy dish — at home or work. This box of candy is sealed for lasting freshness until you're ready to dive in.