Hershey's Milk Chocolate, With Almonds 1.45 oz

Delve into the full taste of almond, chocolaty goodness with HERSHEY's delectable sweets. These chocolate bars give you a full-almond crunch with each bite you take. It's the perfect combination — sweet and crunchy. Reach for a HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds Bar while you're on the move or pack one in your lunchbox for a scrumptious afternoon treat. You can also spread the joy of HERSEHY'S Happiness by breaking off a few blocks for your friends. With the crunchy almond pieces packed in between the creamy, sweet milk chocolate, these candy bars are almost too good to be true. They're also the perfect size to give as party favors, whether you're celebrating a birthday, retirement, promotion, wedding or any other event that needs a sweet treat. Wrap a bow around the bulk chocolate bars or gift the individually wrapped chocolate bars. HERSHYE'S Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bars are gluten-free and kosher.