Almond Joy Candy Bar, Coconut & Almond Chocolate, Miniatures, Share Pack 10.2 Oz

When you need a little joy in your daily routine, try ALMOND JOY Coconut and Almond Chocolate Miniatures in this 10.2 ounce share pack with a stand-up bag. Let it rest on your office desk or kitchen counter as a candy dish of its own, or use this pack of miniature candy bars to stock your snack drawer or bowl in any places where you might find yourself throughout the day. Getting into the autumn spirit? Try including these miniatures in any trick-or-treat bags you find open and waiting at your front door this season. Convince the ghosts and goblins to go with a treat and skip the trick with packaged miniatures made of delicious, smooth chocolate with just the right coconut and almond combination inside. Looking for something new to try in your baking endeavors at home? Bake your favorite dessert with an easy twist by placing these ALMOND JOY bars on top or chopping them up and mixing them in. No matter which direction you take with these milk chocolate miniatures, it's bound to lead straight to delicious.