Mariquitas Plantain Chips, Original 3 Oz

Freshly manufactured in Miami, Florida, Mariquitas [mar-e-kee-tas] is the original brand of plantain chips. The Plantain Truth: Plantain is the cousin of the Banana. The plantains come from tropical regions of Central and South America; the same as the banana, the most popular fruit in the USA. Our Mariquitas Plantains have a delicious, unique flavor. They are a source of potassium, zero sodium, gluten free and absorb less oil than most potato chips. Mariquitas have no additives or preservatives - a genuine and delicious alternative to other snack chips. They are peeled, sliced and cooked to perfection in 100% non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. The Mariquitas brand has been providing exciting and pleasant flavors for generations.