Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips, Sea Salt 4.5 Oz

Trade up your chip! Family owned & operated. What began as a family member's health challenge, led to a journey of discovering the power of real food. This new passion along with our Colombian roots, soon evolved into Artisan Tropic, a brand committed to making delicious and nutritious snacks, always from whole-food ingredients! This is a family story, and every bag is an invitation to join us on this wholesome adventure - from our family to yours! RSPO: Certified sustainable palm oil. 100% sustainable palm oil. Regenerative Agriculture: Why do we care? We are committed to being a company that nourishes our farmers, our employees, our consumers, and our planet. Our passion is to go beyond sustainability, to a method of farming and doing business that rebuilds, restores, and regenerates. Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that begins with restoring the health of our soils, and extends to improving the well-being of animals, farmers, ecosystems, and communities. Starting in 2021, we have been partnering with farming experts to transition our supply system to regenerative agriculture practices. Ultimately, the food we eat is only as healthy and wholesome as the soil in which it was grown.