Cheez It Snack Mix, Classic 10.5 oz

Snack satisfaction starts with a delicious handful of Cheez-It Classic snack mix. Featuring a flavor-packed combination of cheesy Cheez-It crackers, salty pretzels, mini toasted bread slices, and crunchy rice puffs baked to perfection. This classic mix combines your favorite flavors and textures in one convenient box for anytime snacking; Cheez-It Original snack mix is a fan-favorite for game night, school snacks, party spreads, video gaming, late-night snacking, and so much more, the cheesy options are endless. Each handful has something for everyone, from the classic, crowd-favorite Cheez-It Original crackers to pretzels and crunchy puffs. Go ahead and grab a box of your favorite crunchy snack mix. Pour them into a bowl at your next party and watch them disappear one handful at a time. Or take them with you on a road trip for an anytime snack the whole family will enjoy. They’re an epically satisfying crowd-favorite to keep Cheez-It fans coming back for more.