Bauducco Panettone, Classic, Mini 3.5 Oz

It's during the holidays when we gather with our loved ones and share a powerful feeling that transforms a simple recipe into a loving kindness, a gesture of friendship into warmth, and togetherness into long lasting memories. Because, in the end, it's not about being under the same roof, but living in each other's hearts. The feeling of family. Natural yeast fermentation. 52 Hours to make. The secret ingredient which makes panettone so fluffy and delicious is the mother dough that Mr. Bauducco brought from Italy in the 1950s. As part of our traditional, 52-hour process to make each loaf, our bakers save a bit of this mother dough every day to mix into tomorrow's batch, which is what creates our panettone's special flavor. Taste the tradition in every bite! Dispose of properly.