Brent & Sams Gourmet Cookies, Caribbean Crunch 7 Oz

With chocolate, almonds & coconut. Made from scratch. No added preservatives. If you're going to have a cookie, have the best! Sink your sweet teeth into all of these bona fide, made with love Brent & Sam's originals. Occasionally, after opening, extreme summer heat or humidity may cause the cookies to lose their perfect crispiness. No problem. Just pop them in the fridge for a bit and presto - they're back to their original crispy perfection. A tropical treat! You say Ca-RIB-be-an. I say Ca-ra-BE-an. We don't really know what makes these Caribbean. Frankly, Brent just likes the way it sounds. But we sure know what makes them crunch. It's the almonds and coconut plus a touch of oats, as well as the special way we mix in the rich chocolate and bake it all together - with no added preservatives. However you say it, we rate this as one of our best, most original creations ever. Give your mouth a tropical vacation. Your belly and brain will love 'em too. We're not sure if anyone actually reads our packaging, but since you are, there's something we'd like to say: Thank you! Whether you've already bought our cookies or are just thinking about it, we want you to know that we've put everything we know about delicious into every bite.