Necco Candy Wafer, The Original 1 ea

Add this all-time favorite to your shopping list! Treat yourself and your loved ones, young and old, to the uniquely delicious taste of Necco Wafers. These famous candies were introduced in 1847 and they have stood the test of time. The original recipe for the Necco Wafer has remained unchanged over the years, and the Wafers of today are still made in the same eight flavors of chocolate, licorice, cinnamon, lemon, lime, orange, wintergreen and clove! Necco Wafers are also the ultimate on-the-go candy, famously used by explorers of the early 1900s who carried Wafers on expeditions to the north and south poles and American soldiers in World War II. Grab a roll for your next expedition and discover the timeless taste of this unforgettable candy! Necco Wafers are made by Spangler®, a family company making family treats since 1906.