Hershey's Special Dark Kisses 12 oz. Bag

Since 1907. Per 9 Piece Serving: 190 calories; 8 g sat fat (40% DV); 15 mg sodium (1% DV); 21 g sugars. Cocoa is a natural source of flavanol antioxidants. 190 mg per serving. The natural antioxidants found in teas and certain fruits like berries and grapes can also be found in Hershey's Kisses Special Dark Chocolates. This is good news; however, like most indulgent treats, Hershey's Kisses Special Dark Chocolates should be enjoyed in moderation. A serving of Hershey's Kisses Special Dark Chocolates is 9 pieces (41 g) and has 190 calories and 12 g of fat. Find delicious recipes and craft ideas for the whole family at: www.hersheyskisses.com. Questions or comments? www.askhershey.com or 800-468-1714. Visit us at www.hersheyskisses.com. Gluten free as always.