Slim Jim Smoked Sticks, Premium, Spicy Chili & Garlic, Seasoned 4.1 Oz

What do you want? Meat! When do you want it? Maybe not right now, but definitely later. Slim Jim Premium Smoked Stick in Spicy Chili & Garlic Flavor are made to fuel your hunger with bold flavor in every tender bite. With the convenience of a meat stick and the refined maturity of beef jerky, these meaty sticks are slow-cooked for 14 hours and seasoned to epic perfection… for a snack time that’ll blow your taste buds straight outta your mouth. Looking for protein? Look no further than the wickedly meat-tastic 10 grams of protein in each Slim Jim Premium Stick to help you stay full and focused. Pairs well with your kitchen’s pantry AND your parents’ respect. Stow a bag in your man purse and carry on with your bold self—no matter if you’re on a date, chaperoning a field trip, or traveling back to the days of cavemen to wow your Paleolithic relatives with this carnivorous delight. Snap into a Slim Jim and snap into a bolder, better you.