Chips Ahoy! Cookies, Sour Patch Kids 8 Oz

The Mischievous Side of CHIPS AHOY! - Put a mischievous spin on the comforting taste of CHIPS AHOY! cookies with SOUR PATCH KIDS candy. Baked ‘til crunchy and packed with pieces of mouth-puckering candy, this sour-then-sweet treat will surprise your taste buds! Enjoy with friends at school or the office, share with a crowd, or enjoy all on your own. - Sour. Sweet. Gone. - CHIPS AHOY! cookies bring just the right amount of enthusiasm to any occasion, from birthdays to holidays to last-minute parties. You can also put a sweet twist on goodie bags, party favors, gift baskets, care packages, and more with this fun cookie. - Add this package of limited edition CHIPS AHOY! Cookies with SOUR PATCH KIDS Candy to your cart for simple treats and sweet desserts.