Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter, Multi-Cat 25 lb

Powerful for even the busiest litter boxes, Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Extra Strength Cat Litter helps eliminate kitty odors while keeping surfaces cleaner and air clearer. This 99.9% dust-free formula contains premium clay with ClumpLock® Technology to absorb liquids and trap odors on contact, as it forms tight clumps for fast and easy clean up. With each step your cat takes in the litter box, a fresh clean scent is released with Febreze freshness. Featuring Ammonia Block Technology, this litter controls bacterial odor growth and blocks urine odors, the primary odor offender. Naturally activated charcoal and plant extracts trap and defeat the stink for 10-day odor control guaranteed, so you and your cat can breathe easy. Made with your cat’s health and happiness in mind. Rid the odors and keep your litter box fresh, clean and 99.9% dust-free with Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Extra Strength Cat Litter. Certain trademarks used under license from Procter & Gamble Company or its affiliates.