Peter Pan Peanut & Honey Spread, Creamy 16.3 Oz

Peter Pan Creamy Honey Roast Peanut Butter Spread is a little bit salty, a little bit sweet and a whole lot delicious. A sweet twist on a classic favorite, Peter Pan Peanut Butter is smooth and easy to spread no matter how you use it. Spread it, scoop it, dip it or bake it: Peter Pan Honey Peanut Butter can be used in a variety of ways in your favorite snacks, meals and desserts. Make a classic peanut butter and jelly, bake peanut butter cookies or dip apples and crackers in it for an easy peanut butter snack. This gluten free peanut butter and honey spread fits a low carb lifestyle with 8 grams net carbs per serving (10 grams total carbs minus 2 grams dietary fiber). It's made with no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives, and this peanut spread has 7 grams of protein per serving. The 16.3 ounce screw top jar of peanut butter makes storage easy. With every spoonful, Peter Pan delivers wholesome energy and a delicious taste that nurtures the simple joys of everyday adventure.