Natural Heaven Lasagna, Hearts of Palm 9 oz

Fully cooked. Ready to eat. 1 simple ingredient. The plant that we harvest our Natural Heaven hearts of palm pastas from provide a wealth of resources to the ecosystem of Central America, oxygen to Earth's atmosphere, and natural beauty. That's why we practice sustainable harvesting techniques, allowing the plant to naturally regenerate up to three stems in place of each cut. After harvest, we carefully clean and slice each heart, and package it without any added moisture or preservatives. The product you are about to enjoy is entirely free of grains, gluten and additives. And, it shares a light, al dente texture, color and taste with traditional pastas and noodles! We hope you love our Natural Heaven product and use it to make a positive change in your diet and lifestyle. Salud! Raphael Mortati. Founder, Natural Heaven. Sustainable, low-carb, gluten-free goodness. Please recycle. You Can Win! You have a chance to win a 6 month supply of Natural Heaven products! Visit us at: