Bear Creek Mac & Cheese, Grown-Up, Beer & Cheese

Naturally flavored with other natural flavors. A unique twist on classic mac & cheese that is sure to satisfy, with mafalda pasta and a creamy blend of cheese and vibrant beef flavor. Just add water. New! Youve enjoyed our Bear Creek Country Kitchens family-friendly soups, now try our decadent, restaurant-inspired Grown-Up Mac & Cheese. Looking for a sophisticated way to indulge in your mac & cheese cravings? Our bold flavors will appeal to your grown-up palate. Simply add water and heat for a delicious dish in minutes. Amp up the delicious grown-up flavor with these creative add-ins. Prepare Bear Creek Beer & Cheese Mac & Cheese as per directions. Stir crumbled cooked bacon into prepared mac and cheese. Top with coarsely crushed pretzels. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Questions/comments? (800) 813-3654; Visit us online at