Warren Motor Oil, Deluxe, SAE 10W-40

World class lubricants. Warren Deluxe SAE 10W-40 Motor Oil is a multi-grade motor oil designed to provide long lasting protection against wear, corrosion, and variable temperatures. It contains anti-wear, anti-corrosive, anti-foam, and detergent additives to keep the engine clean, quiet and efficient. It is guaranteed to meet or exceed manufactures' requirements where an SAE 10W-40 SN motor oil is recommended. API service SN, SM, SL, and SJ. Always consult your owner's manual for specific recommendations. www.warrenoil.com. API service SN: SAE 10W-40. Motor oil is recyclable. Don't pollute. Conserve resources. Return used oil to collection center. Made in USA from domestic and imported components.