PEAK Antifreeze + Coolant, Ready Use Green, 50/50 Prediluted 1 gal

For Use in: Ford & Chrysler: 2000 & earlier; GM: 1995 & earlier; all makes & models: 1989 & earlier. Conventional green formula. Nascar Peak antifreeze series. Peak Ready Use 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze + Coolant. Performance Without Compromise: At Peak, we have 65 years of experience in protecting your vehicle's cooling system from extreme hot and cold temperatures and damaging rust and corrosion. Peak Ready Use 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze + Coolant is a formula good for older automotive and diesel applications. Whether you are performing a complete flush and fill or just topping off, Peak Conventional Green Antifreeze + Coolant is available in both full strength and 50/50 Ready Use formulas to do the job! Run true. Specifically good for Ford & Chrysler 2000 & earlier, GM 1995 & earlier, all makes and models 1989 & earlier. Compatible with all conventional green antifreeze & coolants. Protects against damaging rust and corrosion, prevents freeze up and boil over in extreme temperatures. Convenient pre-mixed formula for topping off antifreeze/coolant. Meets: ASTM D-3306; ASTM D-4340. Protection Chart: Peak Ready Use 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze + Coolant: Protects from: freezing down to: -34 degrees F (-36 degrees C); boiling up to (Using a 15 lb. pressure cap at sea level): 265 degrees F (129 degrees C). YouTube; Facebook; Twitter: peakauto. Made in the USA.