Simply Done Calculator, Scientific, with Slide-On Cover

56 scientific functions. Auto power off. Battery included. Ready for life. Square roots - sure thing! Exponents - exceptional! From calculating math homework to tallying tuition expenses, be ready to crunch any number with calculators from Simply Done. Slide-on cover. 10 + 2 digital display. Degree/radian/grad selector/angular unit conversion key. 2nd function. Hyperbolic/arc hyperbolic key. Degree/minutes/second. Natural logarithm. Common logarithm anti-logarithm & hexadecimal number key. Display format exchange/tabulation key. Clear entry/factory key. Statistical calculations (standard deviation). Trigonometric inverse trigonometric function key. On/clear. Quality Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied, return our product for a full refund. Made in China.