Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker Black Gel Ink Fine 0.7mm Pens 2 ea

FXCC2BLKF Erasable & retractable! Retract at clip. Writes smooth. Erases clean! Erasable & refillable. Erase & stop bullying speak up. Pilot's Erase Bullying for Good Campaign and Cartoon Network's Stop Bullying: Speak up, are empowering kids to speak up safely and effectively, while developing kindness and empathy to stop bullying before it starts. Erasable pens are not recommended for use on legal or official documents. Do not expose to extreme temperatures (less than 14 degrees F; greater than 140 degrees F). If pen is exposed to temperature that reaches 140 degrees F, the ink will be colorless when writing. To restore color, cool to a least 14 degrees F in freezer and the ink will again write in color. www.pilotpen.us. helperasebullying.com. Learn more helperasebullying.com. Pilot will contribute $150,000 (Contribution will span 2019-2020. Contribution will include monetary donations and may include in kind donations, such as FriXion Clicker pens. Pilot's contributions across anti-bullying organizations between 2015-2020 will equal over $450,000.) across a select group of organizations focused on erasing bullying for good through educational programs, including 826 National. This network of nonprofit writing centers helps students share their stories about kindness and overcoming bullying. Made in Japan.