Pentel Pens, Blue, Techniflo Ink, Medium 3 Ea

Elevate your writing to the next level with GlideWrite super-low-viscosity ballpoint pens. Advanced breakthrough ink formula - TechniFlo is a super-low-viscosity ink that ensures rich ink flow for smooth, easy writing. Unique white barrel offers stylish design that is eye-catching and well balanced. Latex-free colored grips are contoured for remarkable comfort and control during extended writing sessions. Grips and plunger are colored to match ink inside. 1.0mm metal tip writes clean medium lines with no skipping or smudging. Refillable with BXTL 10 ink refills. What is super-low-viscosity? Viscosity is the measurement of the thickness of fluids. The higher the viscosity, the thicker the fluid Honey, for example has high viscosity, while water has very low viscosity. Technifflo ink is super-low-viscosity, which means it flows extremely easily to provide a super-smooth writing experience.