Scott Bathroom Tissue, Unscented, Double Rolls, One Ply 18 ea

Discover comfort and clean you can trust with Scott ComfortPlus toilet tissue rolls: 1-layer toilet paper that offers everyday comfort plus reliable strength. With Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper, you get 18 Double Rolls of 231 sheets, so you have plenty of toilet paper for you and your loved ones. 3x stronger than the leading bargain brand, Scott ComfortPlus breaks down 6x faster vs the leading brand one ply and is sewer-safe, septic-safe and clog-free. And here’s one more reason why Scott ComfortPlus toilet paper is the perfect addition to your household supplies: Our 1-ply toilet tissue paper combines just the right amount of softness and strength by featuring thick and plush sheets for a trusted, comforting clean. We’ve been trusted for generations: Scott bathroom tissue is sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests, features recyclable packaging and is a 100% biodegradable tissue. Keep life rolling by ordering Scott ComfortPlus in bulk online! * vs the leading brand one ply