Hefty Everyday Soak Proof 20 oz. Bowls 27 ct Pack

Did You Know? Making using and disposing of foam plates generates 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than paper plates of comparable functionality. Learn more at: hefty.com/sustainability/facts-on-foam. Hefty,com. how2recycle.info. To contact us visit: Hefty.com, call 1-800-433-2244 or write Hefty Brands, PO Box 85583, Richmond, VA 23285-5583. BPA free. This product is manufacturing without the use of ozone depleting materials. CFC free. Product made in the USA. Less mess means less time cleaning up and more time enjoying your gathering. Simply toss when you're done.; Hefty is synonymous with strength, and strength is exactly what you can expect from Hefty Plates and Bowls! Whether you're looking for everyday dinnerware or those that can stand up to your messiest party recipes, Hefty Foam Plates and Bowls really deliver.; Hefty disposable Everyday foam plates, bowls and trays are strong and soak-proof to handle the messiest meals and make clean-up easy.; This disposable foam tableware is strong enough to prevent messes and leaks -- but also affordable enough to use every day!