Viva Paper Towels, Full Sheet, Big Rolls, 1 Ply 6 Ea

6 big rolls = 9 regular rolls (Compared to bounty regular roll 36ct full sheet). Like getting one more roll (Bounty regular rolls full sheet vs bounty 6 big roll full sheet pack). 2x more durable (when wet vs. the leading value brand). Viva Signature Cloth Towels are the same soft and strong Viva Towels you know and love. With cloth-like durability and Micro-Texture to lift away even tough messes, Viva Signature Cloth Towels help you achieve an exceptional, thorough clean. Viva, the towels that clean like cloth. Viva Towels: An exceptional clean for the entire house! Recommended Uses. Product Name: Viva Signature Cloth: Cleans like cloth; Premium softness; More durable (more durable when wet).