Dart Cups, Insulated Beverage, 16 Fl Oz 20 Ea

For hot & cold drinks! Two cups in one! Did you know: foam cups insulate better than paper cups. This avoids the need to double cup or use a cup sleeve. Foam cups are energy efficient. A ceramic mug must be washed and reused 1,006 times and a glass washed and reused 393 times before it becomes as energy efficient as using disposable foam cups (Hocking, Reusable and Disposable Cups: An Energy-Based Evaluation , Environmental Management 18[6], pp. 889-899 [1994]).. Foam cups contribute only a small amount to our waste. Polystyrene foodservice products, including foam cups, make up less than 1% of material by both weight and volume, disposed in municipal solid waste(Franklin Associates, Ltd., Municipal Solid Waste in the United States 2003 Facts and Figures, prepared for the US Environmental Protection Agency, April 2005). Dart continually seeks to reduce its environmental impact. Through maximizing efficiency in our processes, we estimate that, as of 2006, we have produced enough energy savings to heat nearly 105,000 homes and power over 3,000 homes! Foam cups can be recycled. Polystyrene foam cups can be recycled in select programs in North America. There are no recycling programs for paper cups, which typically are coated in plastic. Made in USA.