Woolite Cleaner, Dry Care, Fresh Scent, 20 Min 1 ea

6 loads. 6 cloths - 10 in x 10.25 in (25.4 cm x 26 cm). 3 stain wipes - 5 in x 6 in (12.7 cm x 15.2 cm). Quickly cleans & refreshes in the dryer. For everyday, special care & dry clean clothes. Odors, stains, wrinkles. Up to 30 garments. Dryer-Activated Cleaning Technology: Just 20 minutes in the dryer and clothes are clean, fresh and ready to wear. Dryer-activated cleaning cloths lift away stains and odors while releasing wrinkles. Use regularly to quickly clean, renew and refresh. No shrinking, no stretching, no fading. Cleans 6 loads. Up to 30 garments per box. Wear in minutes. Hassle-free Cleaning: Garments: Jeans; pants; sweaters; dresses; skirts; blouses; dress shirts; lingerie; blazers/jackets; outerwear/coats; uniforms; scarves/ties. Household Items: Blankets; tablecloths; pillows; curtains/drapes & more. Safe for: Cotton, denim, wool, cashmere, silk, rayon, linen & more. No harsh dry cleaning chemicals. Contains no phosphates, perchloroethylene (perc) or trichloroethylene. Package Contents: 6 cleaning cloths; 3 stain wipes; user guide. Safe for use in all dryers - electric, gas & high efficiency. Performance Guaranteed: If not satisfied with product performance, mail register receipt along with UPC to Summit Brands for a full refund. 1-888-476-6688 Mon.- Fri. 8-5 EST. www.summitbrands.com. www.summitbrands.com. For helpful hints, periodic offers and more visit: www.summitbrands.com. For more ingredient information visit www.summitbrands.com. Made in the U.S.A.