Carbona Laundry Soaker, With Active Foam Technology, Oxy Powered, Fresh Scent 3 ea

New! Up to 25% better stain removal (Than detergent alone). coupon inside. Safe for colors & whites. No scrubbing required. Effective removal of large, tough or dried-in stains. Gentle on laundry fabrics & textiles. Carbona Laundry Soaker is just what you need for life's biggest stains. It has an oxy powered formula with active foam technology that starts to dissolve away tough stains, such as dirt, grass, coffee/tea, blood, or oil/grease on contact. Carbona Laundry Soaker can safely be used on a variety of colorfast fabrics and textiles, including baby clothes, uniforms, sports, jerseys, tablecloths, and more. Chlorine bleach free. He works in standard and high efficiency machines.