Woolite Dark Defense Laundry Detergent 50 fl oz

Fade protection. To keep darks dark (For up to 20 washes). Keeps clothes looking like new (Protects against fading for up to 30 washes). Even works in cold water. He: High efficiency. Woolite Darks Defense keeps your clothes looking like new, even synthetics and blends (Protects against fading for up to 20 washes). It protects your clothes from fading to keep darks dark (For up to 20 washes). Woolite Darks Defense is perfect for all of your dark clothes, including your favorite jeans, leggings, and go-to blouse. It effectively cleans without the harshness. Woolite Darks Defense is free from optical brighteners, phosphates, and bleach. Free from optical brighteners, phosphates, bleach. Caring Helpers: Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate (prevents fading). Polyvinyl Pyridine-N-Oxide (prevent dyes depositing). Wheat protein silanetriol PEG terephthalate polymer (new protective ingredients). Gentle Cleaners: Combination of ingredients to gently remove stains, while protecting your clothes. Coconut soap (tea cocoate), sodium laureth sulfate, sodium (c10-16) alkyl benzenesulfonate, c10-16 alcohols ethoxylated. Scents: Fragrance to add a light fresh scent. Contains no phosphorus.