Downy Scent Booster, In Wash, Old Spice 14.8 Oz

Ahoy, freshness seekers. The men’s deodorant scent your armpits love is now available for your clothes. Downy Unstopables has joined forces with Old Spice to bring you a laundry scent booster so smooth, so bold, you’ll wonder how you ever left the house smelling like anything but pure, masculine man. For up to 12 weeks of wash-to-wear freshness, shake a little or a lot into the cap and pour the laundry booster directly into the drum of any washing machine before your clothes, including HE. It’s so easy, even the worst laundry doer… looking at you, Johnny College… will ace it. For other scents that are too feisty to quit, try other varieties of Unstopables.