Bamboo Sponge 2pk

Each bamboo sponge 5.12 in x 3.15 in (13 cm x 8 cm). Save money. Save the planet! Eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Super absorbent. Toss away guilt free! Planet friendly. Safe on all surfaces. Ideal for kitchen & bathroom surfaces, stove top, dishes & more! Made for cleaning & drying surfaces. Super absorbent. Ideal for dishes, stove tops, kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces & more! Reusable. Lasts much longer than foam sponges. Cellulose sponge is made from plant-based fibers. Sponge cover is rayon made from bamboo. The Bamboo Advantage: Bamboo is from grass family & easily renewable. Self-regenerating when cut. Does not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Reduces water waste. Protects soil from erosion. Feel good about your choice to reduce waste, and use bamboo, an easily renewable resource which uses less water, less land, and no pesticides, all while saving you and your family money. FSC: The mark of responsible forestry. For more information please visit our website at Made in China.