Xlear Nasal Decongestant, With Moisturizing Xylitol, Instant Relief 0.5 Oz

With oxymetazoline HCI 0.05%. New. 99.9% Natural. 12 Hour relief. Nasal decongestant with Xylitol. For colds, hay fever and allergy relief. Benefits: Works instantly; Relieves sinus pressure; 12-hour relief without drowsiness or dryness; Cleans, moisturizes, soothes, and protects the sinuses and nasal passages; Hydrates to alleviate dryness. Reduction of Bacteria: Bacterial Count Per Epithelial Cell: Without Xylitol: S.Pneumoniae - 40; H. Influenzae - 30; M. Catarrhalis - 10. Bacterial Count Per Epithelial Cell: With Xylitol: S.Pneumoniae - 10; H. Influenzae - 15; M. Catarrhalis - 5. S. pneumo, H. influenzae and M. catarrhalis have a reduced ability to adhere to nasal epithelial cells. Tero Kontiokari - Univ. Oulu, Finland (J. Of Anti. Chemo, ’98 (hashtag)41). Whether you need maximum, moderate or daily care, the Xlear sinus care system has the right product for you. Doctor recommended. Frontal sinus. Ethmoid sinus. Sphenoid sinus. Maxillary sinus. Why Xlear with xylitol? Decongestants can be drying to the nasal passages. Xylitol, with its moisturizing properties targets the drying effects of oxymetazoline and soothes delicate sinus tissues. Xylitol also reduces bacterial adhesion, which allows contaminants to be washed out of the nose & sinuses, leaving your airways clean. (See graph on side panel). Nasal decongestant with soothing xylitol. Xlear. www.xlear.com. Customer Service: 1.877.599.5327. www.xlear.com. BPA-free. Made in USA.