Soapbox Conditioner, Weightless, Tea Tree, Clean & Purify 16 fl oz

Vitamin 5x complex. For refreshed hair & scalp. Color safe. Harsh sulfate free. A heavy-hitting conditioner without the weight, now that's a knock-out! Isn't it time to refresh your hair routine? The tingly sensation of tea tree oil, which helps remove build-up from your scalp and hair, paired with rich shea butter promotes a clean and hydrating experience unlike any other. We've also supercharged this formula with a custom 5x vitamin complex for healthier hair made easy. This conditioner nourishes without the weight so nothing can slow you down from your hair goals! Silicone free. Dye free. Feel the difference. Make a difference. Cruelty free & vegan. When you purchase this product, a bar of soup is provided to someone in need either locally or abroad. See where & how your purchase impacts another life by entering your unique Hope Code at Hope Code. Certified B Corporation.