Skintimate Razors, Scented, Exotic Violet Blooms, 4 Blades, Twin Blade 4 ea

Skintimate created a disposable razor that provides skin protection, soothing aromatherapy and a long-lasting shave all in one. The Exotic Violet Blooms Disposable Razor for women gives you a shave so close, you can skip a day or two. It features stylishly redesigned packaging and four Smooth Protect blades that guarantee fewer nicks and cuts*. To further enhance your shaving experience, we added a scented handle that features the refreshing scent of Exotic Violet Blooms. For delightfully smooth legs, optimize your shaving routine by pairing your razor with our Skintimate Skin Therapy Dry Skin Gel. Skintimate offers a variety of solutions to meet your shaving needs. Whether your skin is dry, sensitive or somewhere in between, we've got a razor and shave gel that's perfect for you! (* Compared to Slim Twin) SKINTIMATE and related marks are owned by Edgewell Personal Care Brands, LLC