K Y Personal Lubricant, Sensorial, Liquid, Warming 2.5 Oz

Est 1904. Turn up the heat. K-Y warming liquid lube is designed to add heat to the bedroom that you'll never want to cool. It helps make sex more spontaneous and fun so you can take things to the next level. Help turn up the pleasure temperature with a warming, sensorial lubricant. It's getting hot in here. Now we're talking. I'm in the mood for a turn up the heat type of lube. Stimulate conversation then discover new feelings together. Since 1904, K-Y has been empowering women to have better sex always. www.k-y.com. (hashtag)GetWhatYouWant. Questions? Call 1-800-756-5488. Empty container, carton and label are recyclable. Check with your local municipality. Made in Canada.