Oxysept Disinfection Solution Kit 1 Ea

Proven disinfection system. Pure oxygen action. Built-in lubricant for enhanced comfort. Preservative free for sensitive lenses. For soft contact lenses. Your Oxysept disinfecting solution kit includes: 12 oz bottle Oxysept Disinfecting Solution; 36 Pink Neutralizing Tablets; Oxysept cup with gore-tex cap to prevent leakage. Feel the difference! What makes Oxysept Disinfecting Solution so unique? Proven Disinfection System: Powerful protection against a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms; Unique tablet system provides superior disinfection to leading competitive brands. Enhanced Comfort: The only peroxide system with a built-in lubricant which retains and seals in moisture. Ideal for Sensitive Eyes: Once the solution is neutralized, you contact lenses are soaking in a preservative-free solution. Tablets made in India. Solution made in China.