Nexcare Adhesive Pads, Sterile, Absolute Waterproof

2-3/8 in x 4 in (60.3 mm x 101 mm). Transparent dressing with pad. Waterproof: Seals out water, dirt and germs. Stays on in bath and shower. pad won't stick to wound. Latex free materials. Ideal for: waterproof protection of wounds such as cuts, minor burns, abrasions and post surgical incisions. Features: waterproof; seals out water, dirt and germs; allows moisture to escape and oxygen to enter for breathability; absorbent non-stick pad wicks fluids away from the wound; flexes and moves with body for greater comfort; up to 4 day wear; hypoallergenic. Hospital proven. Questions? 1-800-537-2191. Please recycle. Packaging made from 100% recycled paperboard with a minimum of 35% post-consumer content by weight. Made in USA.