Scar Zone Burn Gel, Green Tea, Extra Strength 0.5 Oz

Kills harmful bacteria. For immediate burn emergencies! Topical analgesic & antiseptic. Relieves pain. Helps prevent infection. Accelerates healing. With green tea super antioxidant. Reduce the visibility of scarring. Keep on hand for cooking, camping, BBQ & travel. ScarZone Burn Gel is a topical analgesic to minimize the pain and discomfort of minor burns, an antiseptic treatment with Benzalkonium Chloride to reduce the level of harmful bacteria and a blend of vitamins and extracts, to reduce the visibility of scarring. Formulated with topical antiseptic, lidocaine, active green tea, onion extract, aloe vera, vitamin K1 and tamanu. Stops pain. Helps prevent infection. Speeds healing time. Helps prevent scars.