Maximum Strength Lice Killing Shampoo

QUESTIONS? 1-888-423-0139 *This product is not manufactured or distributed by Bayer Health Care LLC, distributor of RID Lice Killing Shampoo. IMPORTANT: Read detailed directions inside before using. Amount of shampoo needed will vary by hair length. See below for guidelines. Hair length - Short (ear length or shorter), approximate amount for 1 adult/child: First application: 1 oz - 2 oz, second application: 1 oz - 2 oz, total: 2 oz - 4 oz. hair length - Medium (shoulder length), approximate amount for 1 adult/child: First application: 2 oz - 3 oz, second application: 2 oz - 3 oz, total: 4 oz - 6 oz. Hair length - Long (past shoulder length) - First application: 3 oz - 4 oz, second application: 3 oz - 4 oz, total: 6 oz - 8 oz. REMINDER: Before applying this product, DO NOT wet hair. (see insert for details) QUALITY GUARANTEED: This TopCare product is laboratory tested to guarantee its highest quality. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Three Steps Designed to Completely Eliminate Lice from your Family & Home Step Kill Lice • Apply Lice Killing Shampoo According to Label Directions • Repeat this Step 7 to 10 Days Later to Help Prevent Reinfestation Step Comb-Out Eggs & Nits 2 • After Step 1, Comb out the Eggs & Nits in the Hair with the Comb Included • You Can Use a Conditioner on Damp Hair to Make Removal Faster & Easier Step Home Cleaning • Use Home Lice, Bedbug & Dust Mite Spray to Kill Lice & their Eggs on Mattresses, Furniture, Car Interiors & Other Non-Washable Items (Sold Separately) • Wash Bed Linens, Clothing & Other Items in Hot Water & Dry in High Heat COPYRIGHT TOPCO PERA0419 Scan here for more information