Softsoap Body Wash, Moisturizing, Buttery Shea & Almond Oil, Creamy Moisture 20 fl oz

Softsoap Body Buttery Shea & Almond Oil Body Wash, 20 Oz. Softsoap Body Buttery Shea & Almond Oil Body Wash gives you a delightfully moisturizing yet effective clean. This body wash has real shea butter for silky and soft feeling skin. This creamy body wash retains skin’s moisture and is dermatologist tested and pH balanced for your skin. Feel the joy of clean with Softsoap Body! New Look, Same Great Clean Softsoap labels may have a fresh look, but they still deliver the same great clean and same great scents. Confidently wash with Softsoap Body while enjoying fragrant scents and fun labels that will bring you joy. For everyone, every mood, and every shower, Softsoap Body is designed to make you joyfully clean. Softsoap Body Buttery Shea & Almond Oil Body Wash is the perfect way to add a moment of joy to your life. Feel Good About Your Body Wash This body wash formula retains skin’s natural moisture and is made with biodegradable cleaning ingredients. Plus, this body wash is formulated without parabens and phthalates, so you can feel good about your body wash. Feel the Joy of Clean At Softsoap, we believe that the little moments throughout your day should be fun! With delightful bubbles and surprisingly fragrant scents, every trip to the sink and every shower leaves you feeling uplifted. Enjoy those small moments of joy and get brilliantly clean with Softsoap liquid hand soaps and body washes—now, you’re ready to take on the world!